Hello, everyone!

Why am I starting this blog? Because I need to share everything I learn. I am not a professional blogger, nor I want to earn money with this blog. The thing is, I am just a person with some unhealthy hobbies - cars and all things gadgets. But probably more the latter than the former.

So here I am sitting in front of my Mac controlling some Kubernetes clusters, in the mean time configuring (for a second time after it broke) an OpenStack cluster, thinking how to reach the flexibility of OpenShift with barebones Kubernetes. And since all this stuff takes time and I have some time every evening while wife and children are sleeping (we - nerds - don't sleep) I decided to start this blog to share everything I learn on the way I described above.

And it is a lot!

Every evening I surprise myself how much you can learn, while doing this stuff. And I hope by sharing almost everything I do, I would be able to help someone. Even if not - probably I will some day help myself, because I will forget all these things at some point.